Resource drilling program at Pothuvil Beach

Resource drilling program at Pothuvil Beach

Engineering & Laboratory Services (Pvt) Ltd. successfully completed a sand auger drilling program along Potuvil beach. The purpose was to determine the presence of heavy minerals in the beach sand and estimate the mineral resource. The investigated area is extended from Akkareipattu to Potuvil with approximately 10km length.More than Nos. 500 of auger holes were drilled in the investigated area

The predicted mineral sand deposit is divided into two major parts known as Potuvil North & Potuvil South.The consultant of the programme was RGD Resources Group, Austarlia. The contractors were Damsila Resources (Pvt) Ltd. and Eastern Minerals (Pvt) Ltd. Engineering & Laboratory Services (Pvt) Ltd.


Damsila Resources(Pvt)Ltd and R.G.D. Resources(Pvt)Ltd




Pothuvil,Sri Lanka


September 3, 2018


2016, Laboratory Testing, Soil Investigation, Sri Lanka