About Us

ELS Group of Companies.

ELS is a group of companies contributing to the Engineering and Construction industry of Sri Lanka since 1991. In our 27 years of service, we have focused on Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability to provide our clients with excellent products and services on time. We specialize in the production and distribution of various precast products, and our various services range from Geotechnical Investigations to Pile driving, and specialized services such as Slope stabilization and Tunnel construction. The company was formed to contribute to the development of the infrastructure in Sri Lanka, now ELS has operated in a few overseas projects, with most of the overseas operations being carried out in the Maldives for over 15 years.

Our Mission

We at ELS put together all our priorities in total customer satisfaction through delivering quality goods and services in a timely and cost effective manner while ensuring the legal, social and environmental obligations we are bound to.

Our Vision

To be the most economical and competitive engineering solution provider.


The management and staff of ELS Construction (Pvt) Ltd., is fully committed to protect the environment by avoiding environmental pollution of all kinds; irrespective of where we operate. We shall demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to comply with all applicable compliance obligations on environment as well as health and safety while utmost consideration shall be given to the concerns of interested parties and issues in its operational environment.

The people; whether our own, contractors, visitors, bystanders, neighbours or road users are our main concern and all precautionary measures shall be taken to avoid injury or ill health conditions to them as a result of our operations.

We shall continually improve our performance and obligations towards environment, health and safety year after year to enhance environmental as well as health and safety performance with the ultimate goal of demonstrating our corporate social, ethical and legal responsibilities.

We shall be fully committed to the above policy and shall provide an enabling environment, resources and guidance to succeed in its implementation.

Quality Policy

Our fundamental quality policy is to maintain the top graded position in the construction of specialized foundation systems, bridges, and other civil engineering structures, producing high quality pre-cast products and providing reliable geotechnical Investigations and laboratory tests, while ensuring legal, social, and environmental requirements.

The long term commercial success and development of ELS depends on selecting quality resources, selected suppliers, using modern and appropriate technologies, employing dedicated, qualified, and experienced staff to satisfy customer need.

It is also our policy to maintain procedures for early detection of actual and potential deficiencies which could lead to the dissatisfaction of the product and enable the company to take effective, preventive, and corrective actions. Provision is made to evaluate customer’s satisfaction and the feedback from the customers will be used for continual improvements.

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