PREPRUFE® 300R PLUS & Preprufe Tape HC



Pre-applied waterproofing membranes that bond integrally to poured concrete for use below slabs or behind basement walls on confined sites

Product Description
Preprufe® 300R Plus & 160R Plus membranes are unique composite sheets comprised of a thick HDPE film,
pressure sensitive adhesive and weather resistant protective coating. Designed with Advanced Bond
Technology™ and a dual adhesive ZipLap™, Preprufe Plus membranes form a unique, integral bond to poured concrete, preventing both the ingress and lateral migration of water while providing a robust barrier to water, moisture, and gas.
Release liner-free and designed for efficient, reliable installation, the Preprufe Plus ZipLap allows for an
adhesive to adhesive bond at seam overlaps and delivers superior performance in harsh conditions without the need for specialized equipment, heat or power.

Preprufe Tape HC – for covering cut edges, roll ends, penetrations and detailing (minimum 50°F