Hydro Active® Safefoam™ NF



Environmentally friendly, phthalate free, low viscosity
hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin designed for
moving non-structural cracks. Hydro Active Safefoam NF
can be used as a 2-component 1:1 ratio system with water
as the second component.

Hydro Active® Safefoam™ NF (hereby referred to
as Safefoam) is a single component, phthalate free,
low viscosity, hydrophilic, polyurethane resin.
After curing HA Safefoam NF forms an inert,
flexible, closed cell foam with very good tensile
and adhesion properties. HA Safefoam NF can
be used as a 2-component system with a 1:1 ratio
water for injection into dry cracks.