Concrete Pile

ELS produces reinforced concrete pre-cast piles for pre-cast pile foundations and has a capacity of producing more than 3,000 linear meters of piles per month. Other than pre-cast piles for foundations, ELS produces pre-cast concrete sheet piles for permanent shoring requirements.



ELS is producing precast piles since 2002 and ELS has the capacity of producing various kind of square type pre-cast piles to meet customer requirements. Our product range varies from 3.0m long piles to 12.0m long piles with various sections. ELS has contribute to number of large scale projects by supplying pre-cast piles required for foundation construction.

Pre-cast piles are steam cured to achieve early strength and to enhance the production efficiency.

With ELS owned laboratory established within the factory premises, Quality of precast concrete piles well assured & guaranteed. Every raw material is tested for its compatibility and whole process of producing RC Piles carefully monitored by our QA/ QC staff.

With our own vehicle fleet we always deliver piles to every corner of the Island without any delay.