Concrete Sleepers

ELS produce Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleepers to satisfy the requirement of SLR (Sri Lanka Railways). ELS has capacity to produce more than 5,000 sleepers per month and deliver to every corner of the island. ELS have all the testing facilities to test all tests required as per AS: 1085 Part 14


Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleepers (PSC Sleepers) are produced in large Scale in ELS precast factories and provide more than 40,000 Sleepers per annum. ELS produces both standard & less depth sleepers to suit 80 lbs., 88 lbs. & 90 lbs. using Grade 60 concrete, Pandrol 5198 shoulder and 5mm HTS wires.

PSC Sleepers are manufactured in all 3 ELS factories to distribute easily island wide. ELS has successfully completed number of government contracts by supplying large quantities of sleepers within requested time period without any delay. We manufacture any type of pre-stressed sleepers other than the typical standard sleepers to satisfy AS: 1085 part 14.

With ELS owned laboratory established within the factory premises, Quality of these products are well assured & guaranteed. Every raw material is tested for its compatibility and whole process of sleeper casting is carefully monitored by our QA/ QC staff.

Every standard sleeper is casted using 5mm HTS strands & Grade 60(20) concrete.

With our own vehicle fleet we always deliver our sleepers to every corner of the Island without any delay.