Bituthene® 8000



Bituthene® 8000 combines the proven Bituthene adhesive technology with a unique, grey-coloured
carrier film to provide superior performance and easier installation. It can be used horizontally or
vertically to protect basements and other critical sub-structures from the effects of water, damp and
gas penetration.
Bituthene 8000 has been tested to withstand more than 70m head of water and is over 90 times
more methane resistant than the BRE minimum recommendation.
The membrane is printed with the Bituthene logo to aid identification plus an overlap line at each edge
to ensure the 50 mm minimum laps. Bituthene 8000 is extremely tough but any accidental damage
which would otherwise be missed, is made visible by the black compound showing through the light
grey film. This can be simply repaired with a patch of Bituthene 8000.