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Developed By Gayan Rajitha
Laboratory Testing
Micro-biological Analysis for Drinking Purposes

*pH Value
*Sulphate Content (So4-2)
*Chloride Content (Cl-)
*Iron Content
*Calcium Content
*Magnesium Content
*Ordour & Taste
* Alkalinity Test
* Bi-carbonate Test
* Nitrate Content
* Ammonia Content

Micro-Biological Analysis of water for Drinking Purposes

• Ecoli count
• Coliform count
• Total CPU count

Chemical Analysis of Water for Concrete

* pH Value
* Cl- content
* SO4-2 Content
* Alkalinity Test
* Total Dissolved Solids

Materials Testing
Chemical Analysis of Aggregate

• Acid soluble Chloride and Sulphate.
• Water soluble Chloride and Sulphate.
• Alkali Silica reactivity test.
• Sodium Sulphate and Magnesium Sulphate soundness test.
• Organic impurities.
• Loss on ignition.
• Methylene Blue Test

Chemical Analysis of Concrete & Cement Samples

• Acid soluble Chloride and Sulphate

Chemical Analysis of Soil for Construction Purposes

• pH Value
• Chloride Content
• Sulphate Content
• Organic Content
Material Laboratory Testing

* Material Laboratory
* Physical Analysis
* Moisture Content of soil
* Specific Gravity
* Sieve Analysis
* Index Properties Test (Liquid Limit & Plastic limit)
* Peat Content Test
* Hydrometer analysis
* Permeability Test (Constant Head)
* Triaxial Compression Tests (Unconsolidated Undrained)
* Unconfined Compression Test on cohesive soil samples
* Lab CBR test (including moisture density relationship)
* Proctor Compaction Test (Standard)
* Proctor Compaction Test (Modified)
* Consolidation Test
* Direct Shear Test

Aggregate Analysis

* Particle Size Distribution (Sieve Analysis)
* Water Absorption
* Specific Gravity
* Flakiness Index
* Elongation Index
* Aggregate Crushing value
* Aggregate Impact value
* 10% Fines value test
* Los Angeles Abrasion Value
* Soundness
* Bulk Density.

Concrete Analysis

* Concrete Mix Design
* Compression Strength Test for test cube 150mm x 150mm
* Compression Strength Test for test cube 100mm x 100mm
* Compressive Strength Test of concrete test cubes
* Compressive Strength Test of hollow blocks.
* Non-Destructive Hammer Test
* Sieve Analysis of Aggregates
* Consistency of constituents of concrete
* Coring concrete piles
* Coring of concrete slabs and asphalt pavements.