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Developed By Gayan Rajitha
Specialized Foundation Systems
What is a Micro Pile?

A generally up to 300mm diameter, drilled and grouted pile with a centrically placed steel reinforcing member consisting of
single or multiple bars.

Why are Micro Piles such a unique foundation system?

They can be placed with relatively small drilling equipment, single or in groups, under limited access and low headroom
conditions. They can be installed, for instance as the Titan IBO system, using rotation boring only. This reduces or
eliminates the risk of structural damages caused due to vibrations, by otherwise used heavy percussion and pile driving
methods, especially inside or in close vicinities of buildings.

Our areas of expertise also stretch to the Construction of specialized foundation systems. Difficult conditions have posed no
barrier for us, as we even undertake Micropiling for sites where other foundation systems are not feasible.

Our team undertakes the design and construction of pre-cast concrete deep-foundations, and a range of piling applications
for buildings, Transmission towers, Bridges etc..