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Geotechnical Investigations
The geotechnical investigation division is composed of well experienced team of Geologist, Geotechnical Engineers,
drilling supervisors, driling operators, drillers and skilled helpers. Also it possess modern equipments to perform
geotechnical investigation works in offshore as well as on shore. The division so far contributed its valuable services
to major development projects in Sri Lanka and also in Maldives.

The geotechnical investigations are carried out for:

* Roads & Highways
* High rise buildings & factory buildings
* Dams & Bunds
* Tower foundations
* Tunnels
* Bridges
* Boat yards
* Harbour works including off shore drilling
* Container yards
* Water Supply projects

Our services also extend to In-situ test and Installations as listed below:

* Standard Penetration Test
* Mackintosh Probe Testing
* Hand Auguring
* Wash Boring
* Collection of undisturbed samples
* Soil Permeability Testing
* Pumping Test
* Water pressure testing in boreholes
* Vane Shear Test
* Field CBR Test
* Plate Bearing Test
* Plate Load Test
* Static Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)
* Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT)
* Geo-electric Sounding (Resistivity Survey)
* Installation of piezometers and settlement gauges.

Other than the above: Shotereting, Grouting works are carried out under the supervision of the division.